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Vision and Mission


As a well organized educational institute, Abundant Grace Academy sees herself as a key proponent of the human resource development and plays this vital role in the society,

AGA is

The leading private school in Africa, known for our excellent and first rate holistic education that turns out products (students) who excel in distinction with character and in academic efficiency.

Strategic Goals

As part of the vision, Abundant Grace continues to seek to achieve this laudable goals:

  • To provide a second chance (or opportunity) for school dropouts and re-sitters of all ages to pursue and pass their WASSCE as well as acquire a holistic education education.
  • To offer counselling and opportunity for adults especially those schooled up to Junior High School who have lost hope of pursuing formal education to resume and continue from where they left off. The long term goal is to help, motivate, teach and prepare those persons to qualify and gain entrance to tertiary institutions to achieve academic or professional education / training.
  • To offer a conducive environment and time for workers who aspire to further their education to acquire excellent preparation and tuition towards the writing of WASSCE and other relevant examinations.
  • To offer career and academic counselling to youth and adults who are confused as well as those disillusioned about what to do with their talents. By our pragmatic and professional counselling and motivations, we seek to help our clients to recover their dreams and develop the needed passion to pursue them promptly and under guidance (mentoring)
  • To offer support to young students who are proven to be brilliant but honestly needy. The assistance is in the form of scholarship or subsidies. When we have proven beyond doubt that a potential student qualifies for our scholarship scheme, we solicit for financial assistance to help them pursue and complete their SHS and even to tertiary level where necessary.


As a well-organized educational institute, AGA is established:

To be the most academically efficient and disciplined institute in Ghana and Africa, using state of the art technology and excellent tuition to provide holistic, morally sound affordable, top-quality education that successfully prepares our students from the basic level to the tertiary level.

Our purpose statement

As a multi-purpose educational institute:

  • We exist to provide an uplifting and life-building environment for all classes of persons in the society – males and females, poor, needy, rich, socially disadvantaged etc.
  • We exist to use all creative means to offer quality-based education and human resource development services to persons of any race, color, creed and even persons of the most traumatic backgrounds.
  • We are committed to glorify God by offering brighter hope to our students, bringing the best out of the worst, turning academic nobodies into somebodies and by so doing, be the best among the best in Ghana, Africa and the Diaspora.