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We exist to provide an uplifting and life-building environment for all classes of persons in the society 

We are the leading private school in Africa, known for our excellent and first rate holistic education that turns out products (students) who excel in distinction with character and in academic efficiency

We are committed to using all creative means to offer quality-based education and human resource development services to persons of any race, color, creed and even persons of the most traumatic backgrounds

Programs for students to choose from

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General Science

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General Arts

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Visual Arts

News & Motivational Messages

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You can do it

Watch this short video and be empowered to achieve the highest height….

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You can Bounce Back

Watch this short video and be empowered to bounce back….

woman right fist

Focus and Concentration

The shortest route to the land of sucess is focus. Watch this inspiring message from the director…

Welcome Message from the Executive Director

Welcome dear friends, brothers and sisters to Abundant Grace Academy, the best private Senior High School of the moment. We are excited about your desire to join the family of excellence.

We believe that discipline and diligence are jointly the gateway to excellence and distinction. We stand for humility, respect and obedience to elders and authority.

We believe in Big dreams, Visions and the Renewal of mind with the right information leading to a positive mental attitude and life transformation

It is my prayer that as you join the family in Abundant Grace Academy, you will also make these precepts your watch words. And as you do so, God will help you to achieve your biggest dreams ever.

You are warmly welcome to Abundant Grace Academy and Abundant Grace Christian Center.

Stay blessed and highly favored.