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Day Students

BOYS:       2 decent pairs of black or blue-black trousers with 3 plain blue shirt or plain white shirt.

GIRLS:       2 blue-black or blouse long skirt with 2 plain white Skirt

Hostel Students

1.l chopbox                                                         
2.1 trunk or suit case (all suit cases and boxes should be secured with strong padlocks)   
3.1 sleeping cloth  
42 white or blue bed-sheets  
51 blanket  
61 student mattress and pillow  
7Toiletries (mirror, comb, soap, sponge, towels etc)  
84 handkerchiefs  
91 set of cutlery  
102 deep plates and cup  
111 pressing iron  
121 mosquito net  
131 bucket  
141 torch light or chargeable lamp , – “


  • 2 pairs of khaki trousers 3 plain blue shirts
  • 1 pair of leather sandals
  • 1 pair of shoes (black and brown)
  • 4 plain white long sleeves for Sunday church services
  • 2 flying or bow-ties
  • A bible and a Ntethodist hymn book.


  • checkered dresses (any colour)
  • 1 pair of black or brown sandals 2 pair of shoes (black or brown)
  • muti-coloured kaba and slit for Sunday church service
  • A bible and Methodist hymn book.

For details on Admission, visit our Admissions office at Kente Street, Adabraka
Accra, Ghana